Week 14: Rollercoaster


Fight day – 3.

I am like a lion in a cage with cramps in the belly. How is it going to go? What am I going to do? How am I going to cope with the pressure?

This morning I woke up early to have an ultimate session with Monster Will.  Very technical and combos. Tapering? Yeah right! I need to move, I need to keep busy, not think about Thursday. I also get confirmation of who my opponent is: now I can focus on SOMEONE!

At F Day -2 , I m doing a light pad training session. I have started punching in my sleep and I am asked to stop or move to the guest room by Health and Safety officer at home.

Then it’s the day before the Fight. And the last squad gathering…Spend the whole day reading about boxing bout, first fights, the psychology, how to stay calm (didn’t work!).

I get to the gym early, loads of stretching and skipping. By now I am a machine which needs to keep working, busy, active. I still have that cold and my stomach cramps are permanent.  A lot of half jokes flying around tonight as every fighter in the squad is trying to look relaxed and pretends he is REALLY looking forward to it. A few rounds of shadow boxing and I am off: don’t want to get tired or doubt…Tomorrow is for real.

I can’t describe the emotion here: anticipation mixed with fear and eagerness, worry about the performance, fear of failure, excitement to be finally here, determination…It’s chaos in my head. My body is going through surge of heat and cold. Stress in its raw, pure, essential form.

Last night before the fight. I decide to have a mean steak which I am eating as if it was my last meal on earth.

I hope I can sleep tonight.


The W.







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