Week 13: The edge


This is it. I received my forms today to sign up for the fight… with the disclaimer. Suddenly it felt very real. My heartbeat felt a lot stronger in the chest, my legs very shaky…Anxiety kicking in.

This week was not about tapering. Was very much an intense training week: fitness, technical and one last hard sparring session yesterday, 4 rounds of round robin.

I have yet another cold and I feel very run down so I am definitely going to look after myself in the next few days. I need to be in top shape.

I took a health MOT this week to assess the changes achieved by the hard training regime apart from the drop in weight which I have reported throughout these blogs.

Strangely my resting heartbeat (which is naturally low) has not changed at all against   my expectations. My BMI is the lowest it has been in 5 years but only marginally different. And the boxing training has had no effect on my blood pressure whatsoever .

However my aerobic fitness has shot up massively : it s always been in the good range but I am now way in the excellent range. This is basically measured by your body capacity to convert oxygen intake into muscular effort (I moved from 42 score to 59).

Another effect of the training is the recuperation from effort:  although I feel exhausted all the time from training my ability to catch my breath back and bring back my heart rate to stable level  from high intensity effort has improved dramatically. This is useful when one think I’ll have only one minute to recoup between rounds.

I guess the question any of you readers have is: do I feel ready?

My nature being one of constant search for improvement , I must admit I still don’t feel ready. I know there is so much more to perfect and improve. But I am done with this training! I feel I could not manage more. I have really pushed myself and I have put in the hours. I have gone to sessions even when feeling like I could curl up in bed ( yesterday I went to sparring feeling absolutely wrecked). I don’t want to have to regret anything or feel remorse.  Am I a good boxer? probably not. Am I the best boxer I can be after those  13 weeks: absolutely!

I m anxious, I am petrified and very worried about next week. I need to overcome the emotions and use all the skills I have learnt over this training journey: G. says train hard , Fight easy. I wish I felt this was the case. I know I have trained as hard as I could. I also know the rest will be tough too.

Tomorrow is visualisation session…. the Brain again!

The W.








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