Week 12 -Blessing in disguise?


As I m writing this , week 12 is behind me and we are 10 days from F day- Fight day.

I would be lying if I said I don’t feel scared, worried, apprehensive.

I am terrified in fact . But at the same time I want it to happen.

Last week I was injured but somehow I packed in 6 training  sessions. Sometimes 2 in a day. Crazy..?

What happened is that not being able to punch or do push ups forced me to work on all other aspects of my preparation. And it was a revelation: I worked on fitness, footwork, defence, jabs (my left side is ok) and I realised how much more there is to punching right or boxing than the mechanics of throwing the punches. I know I sound naïve but until you cannot physically train for punching your focus for the rest of things is limited.

I think I improved on a LOT of basic but essential aspects: block and parry, coordination of footsteps, accuracy of jabs (funny how not throwing the right means improved left!), guarding, pacing myself…

I even sparred 4 rounds despite the injury and I thought it was a vast improvement on the week before. I cannot explain why, but I think that having limited movements forced me to optimise the rest and deal with the weaknesses.

And sensing progress I feel more positive: of course a lot if it is probably self motivation but I really enjoyed training differently and yes it is a lonely place and my battle but I think the squad is well coached and there is some esprit de corps building up.  At the end of the day we are all going to war next week…There’s no other way to describe it.  Yes we are not going to die but the survival instinct  is very much there, the anxiety somewhere in the stomach…

The countdown is coming to an end very quickly….I can almost hear that bell

The W.










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