Week 11: A lonely place


I recovered from man’s flu. Had to miss Monday training to give myself time to get some energy back. But  pain in my right chest is telling me something is not quite right.

I did 2 sessions back to back on Tuesday , starting with an hour with Monster Will working on technical . Very good : stepping in, stepping out. Balance.  It s amazing how the tiniest of things can affect performance and quality of punches. My steps were too long preventing me from getting in and out the pocket quickly enough.  It sounds simple to correct but it takes incredible discipline to change one’s bad habits. More below!

Joined the usual squad session for fitness on Wednesday. Usual high work rate. A lot of good advice from Coach G. about how to make the shadow boxing more effective and better quality. Again, so much to learn and there is  a lot of adjustments to get in the mind set: visualisation, anticipation, keep it real.

Thursday was the now traditional sparring session. Managed 6 rounds. 2 with Coach G. who was in the right sparring mood (i.e  I got battered for 2 rounds but that’s how you learn) and then 2x 2 against squad.  The positive is that I managed the 6 rounds which is very good news on fitness. I still was way too sluggish  though and my punch ratio was too low. I felt a lot more confident under pressure (still didn’ t like it very much!).

Looking at some video footage of myself I realised how quickly good hard learnt principles disappear when the heat is on: stance too narrow, head way too high exposing myself to punches instead of seating low on my legs.

Friday the pain in my right chest shot through all the way to my shoulder blade. I was in agony most of the day and back on the Ibuprofen regime.

On Saturday, I had to get it checked and the verdict dropped on me like a sledgehammer: partial tear of the pectoralis . What??? Me who never power lifts!

How long ? Can I train?

At least a week of rest needed. No guarantee…

I feel gutted. In a very dark place. And it is a very LONELY one. I HAVE to overcome this: it’s a fight before the fight.

The W.














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