Week 10 – Down

84.9 kgs

I have overtrained. My immune system has collapsed. Second cold in 3 weeks. I feel legless

Not a pretty picture.

I trained every day after Easter and I focussed on stamina and fitness and moving. And I pushed myself, conscious of the fight night approaching fast.

Thursday I had  a decent sparring session, paired up with someone my size, weight and age and we did 3 good rounds. It was a good match and even though I wasn’t perfect I handled it quite well I thought. I was mobile, threw a couple of high low combos and even managed not to panic when I was in the ropes.

Friday was my usual session with Monster Will and I was already feeling weak so declined sparring to work on fakes and mobility again.

And then I went home and collapsed. Legs like cotton. Zero energy. Straight to bed. Cold sweats. Man ‘ s flu power 10.

It lasted the whole week end and I relied on a cocktail of Day nurse/Berocca/Nurofen and protein shakes to attempt to boost myself up. But it didn’t seem to have any effect and I literally lied in there like an overcooked  vegetable.

The worst part was the guilt: I could not train, I could not try to improve. This was eating at me and really pulling me down: what was my opponent doing???!!!

I spoke to G. the coach and he said just this : listen to your body.

I don’t know how things will pan out in the next 3 weeks but it made me realise that there is a point at which the best thing to do is to rest and pause…Always train at 100% but when you physically can ‘t then just accept it and  build yourself back up for next session: use  the brain again….

The W.









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