Week 9- Reality check


This has been the toughest week by far.

Squad Training + sparring on Monday

One on one technical + sparring with Monster Will on Tuesday: bloody nose again

Fitness on Wednesday

And finally squad sparring on Thursday where I did 5 rounds vs 2 biggies (at least 20kgs difference) and Will.

I felt ok fitness wise and didn’t mind the rounds but I took some severe punches despite my resolution to move.  I know what I have to do but somehow it is not second nature yet: I find it hard to coordinate punches and defence + lateral moves.

And the last thing you want to do against a guy who is a lot heavier than you is getting involved in a “brawl”. I reminds me of a famous line in an old French movie which vaguely translates as  “when the 110kgs guys talk , the 60 kgs guys do listen”

So I went home feeling battered and bruised and at 10pm my face turned purple and blue: yes I finally got that black eye I had managed to avoid so far!  And it’ s massive!

I was gutted I had let myself punched in the face that way . But inside me I feel like I have also survived 5 extremely tough rounds versus huge opponents. This won’t win me the fight as on points I clearly would have lost but I feel much more confident that I can at least hold the distance.

This week end is Easter and I am  not going to train as I have a busy one (and it won’t be  eating chocolate) but from next week its the last stretch and I need to focus on only a few things as time is up.

What is going to give me the best chance of success? And what is it that I can improve ?

Clearly stamina is a must have. And I really need to sort out my defensive move. I am still not mobile enough. I am less worried about throwing the combo, s although I should be. But avoiding taking too many here is my sole focus.

I have to OPTIMISE
The W.









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