Week 6: Change angle, change distance…


Another week has gone by. I can hardly believe I am already  in my 6th week of training. although I can definitely feel it.

Unfortunately, my left ribs keep reminding me of Monday sparring session . I was feeling good, composed, throwing a few combos and holding my own in the ring. Getting hit by G. the coach (who was, I must say in his 10th round of the evening) but not completely overpowered or unable to respond.  Dare I say I was getting confident….

And then the right hook just below the armpit came out of nowhere and buried itself in my open rib cage. Felt it, carried on fighting (well I wasn’t going to make him feel good about it was I?) but knew something was not right. Next day, even breathing was difficult and the pain has not subsided, 4 days later.

I still trained every day but yesterday but I have not sparred and I doubt I will be able to next week. Damn!

The only consolation is that the fight is 8 weeks away which gives me time to recover.

The lesson of the week, and I can hear you leeches already saying, “don’t leave your ribs exposed”, was very much movement. I have already covered dodging and defence in previous posts but I have realised I was making yet another fundamental mistake: coming in and out from the same gate. I.e, I m getting in the pocket to throw punches and then stepping out in same direction backwards. Might as well tell my opponent, hey I’m finished now you can come forward and punch me the face!

So the idea (and so far this is still very much an idea to me!) is, I have to start side stepping , move laterally, shuffle and vary my punching distance.

Why? First of all because it keeps the opponent guessing where to punch and guessing and thinking in a fight is extra work no-one needs. Secondly because it gives another angle to attack from or another opening (Master G. makes everything sound easy and logical). And thirdly, it hopefully means you avoid the easy counterpunch.

So there you go, another aspect your W. has now got to work on…Starting tonight.









One thought on “Week 6: Change angle, change distance…

  1. Just stumbled here but this is fascinating! I am very much like you but pre this experiment! My goodness just reading this really puts me in my place. I will be sure to follow you in to fight night!


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