Week 5- Take the punch…

87kgs. Not one glass of wine so far….

I have managed to put in 4 group training sessions this week, but no one on one.

Wednesday session was murder. I mean after 4 weeks of hard  training, I was thinking my fitness level was improved and that I could sustain a high intensity session. Wednesday was one of those sessions when you know why so many people don’t do this. It makes you humble. Makes you feel sick, mentally and physically. The silver lining is that it’d better happen now than on fight night!

So this is week 5 and fitness training is harder than ever. I feel sharper with my punches and I am now managing to alternate between quick light single strikes and short burst of shots. I genuinely feel a bit more alert and, dare I say, confident.

The lesson of the week 5 (shit, already?) is very much I have to learn to take a punch. A lot of the sparring I have been doing so far was trying to hit without getting hit. But then the “fear” of getting hit stops me from throwing decent combinations. So it’s all about being able to take the punch, mentally accepting it, manage it and counter strike.

Taking a punch does not mean getting hit, it means deflecting, protecting yourself, keeping guard up. It also means anticipating your opponent and frustrating him. The Brain… remember?

So worked a lot more on the  defensive aspects. It has to become second nature…Guess I am going to watch a lot more Mayweather You tube videos over the week end!


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