Week 4 – The Brain

I must say I’ m feeling exhausted. Monday session was another killer and I went back last night for more: circuit and bag work.

As I’m writing this I’ m half an hour from a one on one session with Monster Will who will show little empathy. And I am wondering how I will deal with it. But remember week 3 lesson: discipline.

After training, despite physical exhaustion, I m too pumped up to sleep. So I lay in bed , fully alert, incapable of switching off.

I have to take care of the body: eat well, sleep well, train well so I can fight well. Train hard, fight easy.

But that’s not all. The body can go longer and harder than the will. It s the same principle as moral in combat. When you lose the will, the body gives up. Your mind , your spirit is the one that makes you go on when it gets tough.

So I have to challenge and train my brain the same way I train the body. The only way I am going to get my body to react and do things differently is to start with the brain. The brain tells your body what to do.

This week is very much about doing just that: instead of throwing random punches I forced myself to alternate between short burst of intensive punching with lighter, slower single punches. Vary the intensity and the rhythm. Do things differently, force myself to adapt, do 30 seconds more when feeling completely out of breath, do those extra push ups when you feel you can no more.

Needless to say, training with someone helps. The same way when you go for run with someone a bit quicker than you, you want to catch them up or match their pace.

That’s why I am glad I have R. as a partner. He won’t give up, he will always try to do more than me and he won’t rest until he has the upper hand.  But I won’t let him!

The brain has to be fit and it has to be strong: you can apply pressure on your opponent by fighting clever, make him doubt. As in torture, it’s the thought of what’s to come that is terrifying!

You see what I mean?






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