Week 3- Discipline

I feel great this morning.  It’s Thursday and I have been training every day this week so far and my body is slowly getting used to the regime.

Last night was another hard session but I am getting used to it. I didn’t feel like going. I felt tired and weak. I had a dinner the night before (after training!) and I had a glass of wine, a few weeks back it would have been a bottle!

But I dragged myself to the gym and by the time it was finished I was knackered but happy.

I think it’s on those days the difference is made: you don’t feel like training but you do. You don’t find excuses, you just get on with the plan. It’s a mindset.

Not sure I am making much progress technically but I am more at ease with my own movements. They feel a bit more natural and fluid.

I was a bit disappointed as my weight was unchanged. Can’t believe it actually as I know I have been careful with my calorie intake.

Tonight I won’t be careful: I have a GREAT dinner with some amazing wines planned. I feel guilty, yes. But I know tomorrow I will train hard. It’s the drill. No excuse, no procrastination, no “there’s always tomorrow”…Train to kill or get killed!





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