Week 2- Battered

Now we know how big the mountain is…

First sparring session yesterday…With G. , the coach as part of the circuit (i.e you get pulled out of the conditioning to spar, so already pretty out of breath)

I didn’t expect to outbox him obviously but  I genuinely thought I could hold my own in the ring, protect myself and throw a few punches. Once again I was brought back to reality.

I could hardly land any punches on G and he put me  in the ropes countless times. I felt cornered and without solution, gloves covering my face. He didn’t stop pummelling me (even if I know he wasn’t hitting at full strength) and I was feeling like a punching ball, unable to move or find a counter. Humiliation.

But it was a great lesson:  bags and pads don’t hit back you see.  You can work on your fancy combinations in front of the mirror, hit the bags as hard as you can but nothing prepares you for getting punched except getting punched.

Moral of the day: combinations don’t win you fights at that level. Defence, footwork and ringcraft do.

3 more things to address and get right in the next 12 weeks….

Somehow I feel better: I know what I need to do!


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