Week 2- The Mountain

87kgs – At least something is going in the right direction

Spent the week end recovering…I wanted to hit the gym but my body had decided he was not going to comply. I was physically exhausted

I feel guilty. Guilty when I don’t train, guilty when I eat and guilty for that glass of wine (oh dear), make that two, that I had. What is my opponent doing?????

As I write this , I am tired but I can’t sleep: it’s like I am in overdrive and my brain is now analysing everything I have gone through so far and looking for solutions.

In no particular order:

  • improve my fitness
  • footwork : man you are too static!
  • combinations: how do I throw 4 to 6 punches in a meaningful way, and I mean stop looking like a  disjointed robot
  • defensive work: avoid , roll, catch but don’ t take 3 steps back
  • speed: don’t be so slow!

I am drowning so I need to make a plan. Improve one step at a time.

As I am taking notice of all my weaknesses I am getting more aware of my (rare) strengths: long reach and counter. Focus on those, work on your weaknesses.

I am struggling but yesterday I got more determined then ever. I am going back tonight and tomorrow it’s sparring: I will quickly know how big a mountain I have to climb!

More later in the week….






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