My White Collar Boxing Adventure-1st week Training

So this is it…I have joined the gym White Collar Squad. First session today.

First thing I notice is that the usual flashy, super fit guys who normally do the Boxfit classes are not here. Neither are the girls in tight outfits. And those 10 other guys in here look like they mean business.

The fight date has been set: 28th April. 14 weeks. It feels like a distant target. I am 88 kgs. I am aiming to get below 85kgs.

Grant, the boxing instructor arrives. I know him. He’ s a boxer, he knows his stuff. Today is about conditioning he says. Plenty of time to get ready for the fight, let’s get fit first, shall we?

It can’t be that different from the boxing classes I have been doing so far, right? Wrong! The exercises are the same,  the circuit is similar but it’s the intensity that’s different. I thought I was reasonably fit…I am not!

I feel like I am going to puke my guts out. My heart is pounding in my rib cage by the end of the first 5 minutes and I am gasping for air.  Grant ‘s telling us that this is no joke, that our opponents are getting ready, that every time I put my knees on the floor on those push ups I should think about the other guy…That ghost opponent who is training hard so he can destroy me 14 weeks from now…I am visualising him and forcing my knees off the floor, dizzy and sick: I won’t give up! Sir, Yes sir!

Then comes the technical side…Jabs, hooks, combos, slips and rolls. Again, I thought I knew a little… What a fool I was!

Suddenly 14 weeks feel like a very short time….And a trip through hell…..



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