About Me

For the sake of privacy and those close to me, my real name will remain confidential. So let’s just say my name is The W. I am 45 years old and after 3 years of doing some boxfit classes and boxing exercises I have decided to take it to the next level and enter  a white collar boxing competition.

I am a dad, have 3 children, a mortgage, an office job. I’ m not exactly adventurous and I don’t  have a midlife crisis (well maybe I do!). And I am not angry at the world. I love food, love wine (too much) and I am certainly not a fitness freak. .

So what exactly happened to make me  step into a ring in a couple of weeks ?

I have enjoyed the fitness and the technical aspect involved in Boxing whilst  doing the group classes and I guess I became frustrated  not being able to take that further. I am also one of those guys who likes a challenge and is motivated by goals : something tangible, meaningful, with a deadline and a target, something that means achievement. So this feels like a real challenge to me : train for a boxing bout, improve, survive, prove myself…

There’s also R. , my sparring partner at the classes. He ‘s going too. So there ‘s the extra motivation of sharing the long journey with him.

So there you go: I thought it would be a good idea to share  my adventure from today to the fight, which no doubt will have its highs and lows and hopefully will end as a positive experience for me and a good read for you!

Plus if I write about it I’ll be able to analyse how I feel and how I approach it better . And if I have an audience I can’t really back down, can I?

The W.










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