The Beast from the East

Its Fight day. I slept surprisingly well and I feel refreshed tHis morning. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I am trying to persuade myself I look mean enough. I will not shave today . My hair is the shortest its been in 2 years.  I’m good to go. I am trying to go through my day […]

Week 13: The edge

82.9kgs This is it. I received my forms today to sign up for the fight… with the disclaimer. Suddenly it felt very real. My heartbeat felt a lot stronger in the chest, my legs very shaky…Anxiety kicking in. This week was not about tapering. Was very much an intense training week: fitness, technical and one […]

Week 11: A lonely place

84kgs. I recovered from man’s flu. Had to miss Monday training to give myself time to get some energy back. But  pain in my right chest is telling me something is not quite right. I did 2 sessions back to back on Tuesday , starting with an hour with Monster Will working on technical . Very […]

Week 10 – Down

84.9 kgs I have overtrained. My immune system has collapsed. Second cold in 3 weeks. I feel legless Not a pretty picture. I trained every day after Easter and I focussed on stamina and fitness and moving. And I pushed myself, conscious of the fight night approaching fast. Thursday I had  a decent sparring session, paired up […]

Week 9- Reality check

85.3kgs. This has been the toughest week by far. Squad Training + sparring on Monday One on one technical + sparring with Monster Will on Tuesday: bloody nose again Fitness on Wednesday And finally squad sparring on Thursday where I did 5 rounds vs 2 biggies (at least 20kgs difference) and Will. I felt ok […]